When You’re *This Close* to Giving Up

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You’re bored. The things that usually excite you taste stale. Life doesn’t seem to be changing fast enough for you. You thought you were making great progress, but now you seem to have lost interest.

You are fermenting. In the process of personal transformation, a grand shift has already occurred in your being, and now the rest of you is catching up. Now is a great time to take care of mundane tasks which require little or no thought.

Fermentation is not the same as avoiding moving forward out of fear or being burnt out. Fermentation is a natural and necessary part of completing a full cycle of transformation. 

How can you tell the difference? In fermentation, you feel full, comfort-seeking, and a bit lazy, like after a Thanksgiving meal. You don’t experience a strong response to anything anymore. Rather, if you are blocked or avoiding, there is a loud “no” reaction in your body to arising action. And if you’re burnt out, you won’t have energy to take action, even if you wanted to. In fermentation, its not that you don’t have the energy or that you feel fear or strong resistance to taking action, you just don’t feel interested or motivated, a sort of authentic inertia.

The greater purpose of this time is to integrate an important shift which has occurred. The dust is now settling. It is easy in our push button society to judge this time as worthless or negative. We have come to value instant gratification so much that this period of underground growth is rarely honored or valued.

A key part of this integration then is to change your mind about this. Don’t get pulled into the negative judgment. Notice when you want to complain about it, and gently remind yourself that you are a sunrise about to break the horizon. Let yourself relax. Trust that you will know when it is time to take new action and reassess the plan.

What comes out of the pot will depend on your ability to let it finish cooking. Set the intention for your mind to integrate and join in the shift that has happened in your body. Let the new energy in your body wash over your thoughts like an ocean. Relax and continue to take care of yourself. The ways that your mind is not in line with the new emerging you are being exposed to you now. So, take note. This time is about bringing those remaining incongruent parts of yourself to light, while not getting pulled into believing them as the truth.

While it may feel like nothing is happening or like you have regressed, you are about to sprout. Your seed has already germinated and is creeping below the surface, just waiting for the right moment. Put your trust in it. Wait for it. Sing to the soil. Embrace your mind’s impatient objections as fertilizer.

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