Why You’re Worth More Than You Think

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In 2012, the 15-month-old then baby of a company, Instagram, sold to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook for $1 billion. But today, Instagram is valued at $37 billion. Former CEO, Kevin Systrom, was clearly no where near the valuation potential of his baby. Some would say this 26-year old Stanford grad didn’t know the true worth of what he held in his hands. 

Any time we start to build something new and major in our life, from learning French to starting a company, it takes 3 solid years of investing in that project to stabilize a foundation that can stand on it’s own. 15 months is nothin’. What made him so ready and eager to give up Instagram just like that? 

In a world always looking to acquire us- our time, our money, our vote- how many of us truly know what we are worth?

Often, we give away our precious time to energy draining habits, safety nets and addictions that pay off in the end for someone else, but certainly not for us. 

Here’s what I do know. The only way you can get a full grasp, a gut feeling, a confident conviction of your inner worth that no one can take away from you is to dig that jewel out from the center of your being and polish it right up for the world to see. 

This takes work. But fortunately, I’ve done some of the work for both of us. I’ve honed a fun and effective process to get right to the point, so you don’t have to waste your time wading through the other stuff you keep in there. I’m dedicated to a mission of helping individuals light up the world with their vitality, passion and polished superpowers (aka the unique, awe-inspiring gift that only you possess). 

Reach out to me and I’ll give you the whole scoop on how we can move forward from here.