Only This One Thing Will Build Unshakable Self-Confidence

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We all want to ooze the strength, dignity and powerful presence that comes with rock-solid self-confidence. The self-improvement industry makes $10 billion a year in the US alone, but inspirational books and self-help articles won’t do it. Visualizing yourself being successful at your upcoming interview won’t do it. Heck, practicing  in front of the mirror won’t even do it! It may make you feel more prepared, but when the time comes, your mind will still race and spin while your blood pumps at an alarming pace. 

Real confidence is cool, calm and collected. It’s steady and ready for anything. 

Do you seriously want to know the only thing that will cultivate true confidence? 

The only thing that will build unshakable self-confidence is to actually do the thing you want to feel confident about. No amount of reading a book about the Tour de France, or watching professional bicyclists on Youtube, or talking to my neighbor who bikes to work across the Golden Gate everyday, or researching high-end bikes on Amazon is going to make me feel like I can ride a bicycle like a champion. 

When it comes down to it, you’ve got to get on the bike- enough times until you know in every cell of your body, I can do this. 

 Do you wish you had more confidence leading teams, speaking, dancing in public, asking for a raise or conversing with romantic interests? The only way to get that big oomph that makes a lasting impact is to jump in the deep end! Flutter, flail and feel awkward at first if you must, but soon enough, you will swim.

Don’t waste your time over-preparing or psyching yourself up. Just get out there and do it, and you’ll be on the fastest, surest route to building mastery and self-confidence in any area of life. 

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