How to Break a Professional Rut with a Thrilling Karate Chop

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Do you think a martial artist about to karate chop a concrete block tells himself that he’s about to fail yet again? Of course not.

But this is precisely what we do with our own personal blocks, whether internal or external.

Here I will share how to approach your professional rut with the same confidence and gusto of a master martial artist!

Deep question alert! In your opinion, what is the single biggest thing keeping you from experiencing professional fulfillment?

This is the cement block we’re going to break through, today. Are you ready?! I thought so. 

“I’m not having the impact I want.” 

“I wish I had more time to myself.”

“I don’t feel what I do is very meaningful to me.”

“I’m not meeting my goals.”

Whatever your answer to that million dollar question might be, I want you to imagine for one moment that you have everything you want in this arena.

Paint the whole pretty picture. Go ahead. Take just one minute and imagine you have exactly this thing that is standing in the way of you feeling fulfilled by your career at this very moment.

Now, from this perfect picture of fulfillment, what simple action would be a normal part of any given day?

For example, if your wish it to accomplish all your daily goals like a champ, you might start dreaming bigger. You might expand your goals off the charts. So this is precisely what you’re going to do.

In this example, you’re going to get out that big white butcher paper and creatively brainstorm a larger-than-life goal- one that sounds maybe even a little ridiculous it’s so large, like to be featured on the cover of Wired magazine. 

What if you’re wish is to make a larger impact?

With this wish fulfilled you might make a call to the head of an important non-profit organization (who happens to be a close contact) as a part of your daily check-ins and ask her what you can do to be of service in the next month. Do this now!

Of course, the call must be honest and catered to what you can authentically deliver on now. But this one call could create the opportunity and momentum that you clicked on this article to find. 

The sooner you start implementing this simple daily action, the better! 

By investing our dynamic energy into this small act, a powerful karate chop for our professional development, we can propel ourselves toward busting down that wall.

What we don’t want to do is waste any more time thinking, dwelling and sulking in what we don’t have or what’s got us stuck.

If you’d like more assistance clarifying what’s holding you back from a job you’re over the moon about, write to me at, and say “What’s next, Nicole?” for more info on how we can get you moving forward today.