How to Harness Your Superpowers by Feeling Your Body

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This post is part of a 4-week series on achieving clarity

Did you know that indigenous men of Oceania learn to navigate ocean currents using their testicles? I’m not kidding. Just as the stars and the sun provide direction in the sky, the shape of an ocean swell predicts the direction of the current below it. Native wayfinders (as they are called) sit on the bottom of all natural, vegetable-sourced canoes in order to feel the shapes below them. 

As you can imagine, this kind of skill takes some serious practice. After spending 14 years as a professional bodyworker, my hands have become so sensitive that I can not only instantly feel where someone is holding onto tension in their muscles, but I also get the patterns of emotion and thinking that are creating the problem. At this point, I can feel all of these things while just standing in a room with someone. 

Today, I use this invaluable wisdom of my body to guide me in my professional and personal development and relationships. The process I underwent to unlock this level of intuitive wayfinding included a deep grounding in and an expansion of awareness around my physical senses. 

How can this help you in your life? 

What if you could score the optimal career opportunity by tuning into the tingling in your chest when you visited campus? Or what if you could make the soundest decisions for your family based on your unique gut feelings, rather than getting pulled every which way by the swarms of theories and opinions out there? 

Rooting in the experience of our physical bodies develops our capacity to focus and navigate our daily lives based on a thousand-year-old instinct that once helped us to survive.  It empowers us to make more successful choices and to perceptively prevent damage and unnecessary stress. In an age where we no longer live in the wilderness, maybe modern wayfinding is about navigating the uncertainty of relationships and opportunities that face us with our bodies. 

Here are five useful and simple practices to help you get in touch with your instinctive superpowers. Practice daily for 2 minutes at a time. Consistency and regularity is absolutely more important for results than length of time spent at once. Make it a habit! Practice when you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for your eggs to cook. 

Try them all, and find out which one most interests you. Or discover your own!

– Sit quietly and concentrate on your heartbeat
– Follow the inhale (swell) and exhale (emptying) of your breath in the belly
– Feel the weight of your body pulled down by gravity and held up by the floor or chair
– Place your pointer and middle finger at your opposite wrist and observing your pulse
– Trace your spine in your mind from your hips all the way up to the skull

If you would like additional expert pointers on how to rediscover your natural superpowers, or if you just want to find out what exciting secrets mine are saying about you, reach out to me