How to Break Through Persistent Mental Fog

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This post is part of a 4-week series on achieving clarity

Our bodies are miraculous things. In a critical life or death moment, our nervous system activates and all our senses heighten. Our mental acuity and reaction time sharpens. We can suddenly run faster, think smarter and endure a higher pain tolerance. 

 The problem is that this amazing, built-in system which we each possess is designed to work in an instant when we are threatened, allowing us to overcome that threat and return to equilibrium and a sense of safety.

Can you see where I’m going with this? Most of us living in major cities feel threatened constantly. The steep competition for resources leaves us defending ourselves in a perpetual game of survival, whether on the road or in the office. When we’re consumed by stress for long periods of time, we can’t think straight. This leaves us dull and depleted, in other words, fogged. And worse, it can negatively effect every part of our lives, even the parts we appreciate and want to hold on to. 

But what if all of this stress was somehow worth every second of it?  What if we sincerely understood how meaningful our acts and our days were in every bone of our body? If this sounds like a new-age fantasy, it’s not. 

You were built- your personality, your individuality, your passions- for a key purpose. When you know exactly who you are, what impact you naturally have on your world and what you want to accomplish with that power, every hard day, every sleep-deprived night, suddenly becomes actually energizing and worth every second because you are living FULL OUT. Your career, your relationships, your life suddenly seems crystal clear. 

Without this inner clarity, most of us merely fight just to get by. We cannot take true care of our health, our relationships or enjoy what we do possess from this haze of survival mentality. We must get out of survival mode and remember why we are here, why any of this matters in the first place. 

And this is exactly what I am dedicated to doing- helping people go from stressed and treading water in life to leaping with joy, excitement and drive for life’s greatest victories. In order to do this, the biggest causes of stress and instability in your life need to be addressed head on. Equally important is uncovering a lucid picture of who you are at your core and the purpose behind your every breath. If you’re interested in tackling this mental fog and infusing your life with greater vitality and meaning, contact me here



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