My Secret Doubts About Being a Life Coach

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This is part of a 4-week series on achieving clarity

I once doubted whether to continue in this field as a personal development coach, offering something that it seemed no one wanted. For me, it can sometimes feel like I’m handing a piece of broccoli to a pre-school kid. Even if it’s much healthier for them, they really would prefer the cookie for dinner. And I totally understand why people want that cookie! It’s a lot easier and more fun.

Here’s how I channeled my doubts into new found clarity for my life (and more importantly, how you can do the same). 

As a woman on a mission to help people return to the heart of what matters in life- love, purpose and passion- I have deeply struggled with the world we live in today. I see a society that places the highest value on income, sex appeal and status, instead of on the finest experiences in human existence– kindness, courage and love. Though, this is not at all to discount those individuals who are still yearning for something more out of life (who happen to be my favorite people in the world and my clients). I doubted my place in that kind of a world. 

Doubt can suck all our vitality and vigor for life. Or it can point us in the right direction. 

Doubt comes in the form of thoughts like, “I can’t do this” or “This is too hard” or “This will never work out”. In bigger doses, it affects our body and response times by making them more sluggish and slow than usual. Procrastination skyrockets. It may trigger us to reach for comfort foods or coping mechanisms like binge T.V watching. 

Doubt points to deeper underlying fears and worries that we carry. Acknowledge those fears. Revisit your goals, your dreams, your relationship, your job- whatever is bringing up the doubts. Is there excitement or purpose or passion in this direction (there often is if doubt is knocking on your door)? If not, what are you most excited about? What are the alternatives to following your excitement? I found that my desire to be of service and share my wealth of wisdom far exceeded my fears of uncertainty. 

Doubt is a gift. It tests us to keep going, to have faith in ourselves. Doubt reminds us of how little we control in life, encourages us to accept the reality of uncertainty and to give it all we’ve got anyway. Doubt pushes us to remember what matters most to us and summon the courage to get curious and follow it. 

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