The Only Productivity Hack You’ll Ever Need

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This is part of a 4-week series on resilience training.

Ever wonder how to wrangle up some of that elusive inspiration and momentum? Or why you’re productivity only makes a cameo rather than playing the leading role you want it to? Read on! I’m going to share with you my best productivity tricks and why surfers will understand.

If one thing is for certain, it’s that we cannot control when energy and inspiration come to us. If we could, writer’s block would not be a thing. (Although, there are things we can do to encourage inspiration more often. More on this below!) What we can control is what we do with the momentum when it finally pays a visit.

When a surfer catches a gnarly wave, he doesn’t ride it for 4 seconds and then hop off mid-wave. This is our biggest problem. 

He waited and hoped and prayed for that wave. He scorched in the sun and he’ll be darned if he’s gonna let the chance go by just like that. But this is exactly what we do when energy comes our way.

You know you’ve caught a wave of productivity when you’re gliding. The wind is at your back, and everything seems to be going your way. You feel like you could go on forever like this. Instead, we get a bunch of necessary tasks done. We pat ourselves on the back. Then we sit back and relax.

Ahh, good work Nicole. You’ve earned some Netflix and wine. 

Right? So wrong. You are the surfer. If you want to maximize your productivity, you’ve got to ride that wave all the way in to shore. Keep going. Do more. Stretch it. Push it. Rock it. Go beyond the necessary. Think DREAMS on the backburner. Because you absolutely never know when another wave is coming your way! Could be tomorrow. Could be next month. 

And on the other hand, the single biggest reason why we burn out is because we are trying to ride a surfboard to shore when there is not a wave in sight! Try standing up on a board with no wave and you’ll see what I mean! You fall down instantly.  

If you keep falling down, it means you don’t have the much needed momentum to take you to shore at the moment.

This is another essential key to amplifying our productivity. Falling down off your surfboard is synonymous here with making little mistakes. When this happens, it is simply time to rest. But instead, we think because we are making mistakes, we need to work even harder. This is the surefire road to exhaustion and frustration. Repeat after me: I WILL rest when I need rest. 

The rule of thumb I use to remind me when I have lost my wave of energy is making three mistakes in a short time, for example– I leave my phone in the house, I forget about something on my calendar and I trip on my walk to the car. These might sound small but when you’re in the zone of flow and getting stuff done, these mistakes simply don’t happen. 

When you make three small mistakes in less than an hour, this is your body’s way of telling you to slow down. Don’t fight it. Don’t try to “win”. Take a break. Take a nap. Clear your mind. Do some writing. Listen to some tunes. REFRESH yourself, somehow. Then get back to it. 

What about when you’re not in the productivity zone, but you’re not necessarily making mistakes either? I recommend to keep going at a steady pace. Don’t push like when you’re on top of the wave. But don’t stop either like when you need rest. Just keep swimming. 

 If you want to help create a wave of energy and momentum, take yourself out of your comfort zone. Take a small risk. Go somewhere new. Be brave. Do something that will create a beautiful ripple in your world. 

One of the most effective ways I know to produce more consistent, powerful waves of energy in your life is to work closely with your treasure quality- the part of you that makes you and the world come alive. Call me if you’re interested in discovering your treasure quality: 510-606-2589.