8 Truths to Remember When You Need a Serious Pick-Me-Up

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(This is part of a 4-week series on resilience training.)

Whether you’ve got a serious marathoner of a project, an important deadline or you just want to rally after a rough workweek for a friend’s milestone event, I will help you summon the necessary (and genuine) motivation to get a move on.

Truth #1: This Matters To You

There is a big fat juicy why underneath all the left-brained logic for why you do anything. That why holds the potential to carry you further than any of those rational explanations ever will- farther than you ever thought possible. Why is this important to you? Why is this so meaningful to you? Reconnect to your why and count your willpower as good as renewed. 

Truth #2: Our Excuses Lose Power As We Bring Them to Light

Expose each excuse for not reaching your goals by writing them down: 

“I don’t have enough time.” 
“I need to make more money.”
“I’m too lazy.”

Sound familiar? Plaster these excuses all around you– on the fridge, on your bathroom mirror, on your Iphone lock screen. The more you *see* them in plain view, the less of a hold they will have on you. Though it may sound counter-intuitive, it works to wear off the spell of complacency better than anything else I know.

Truth #3: You Have Fought (and Won) Some Tough Battles in Your Life

Life is a fight. Every day is a fight. Will your old habits win? Will you make healthy choices? How important is this battle compared to others you can remember? If you made it through those, what are the chances you could win this one? Puts everything into perspective.


Truth #4: Nature Provides Powerful Energy Boosts

Nature revitalizes us in all its forms, whether you spend some time in the forest or dose up on B-Complex (here’s my fave) and adaptogens (which help us build our capacity to endure stress) like Shatavri and Maca. Take advantage of the extra oomph and vitality boost nature’s bounty provides. 


Truth #5: Starting is the Hardest Part

Deep down, you know taking that first step toward whatever you want to accomplish (or beginning again) will be the most challenging. Search your feelings. An object at rest tends to stay at rest. So, hunker down and apply the necessary push to get the ball rolling! It helps me to schedule my plans and tell people to look out for it by a certain date (this way I create accountability that I know I won’t back down from). 


Truth #6: Success is Only a Series of Steps that Lead to a Tipping Point

Let’s dispel this myth of the overnight success right now. All of your daily meaningful goals are nothing but deposits onto the scale of your dreams. One day, when that scale finally weighs enough, it will drop, and to those who don’t know how hard you worked, it will seem like it happened overnight. What is the next smallest step you can commit to right now? An email, a blog post, a phone call. That miracle cannot happen if you don’t keep making little deposits. 


Truth #7: Everyone Needs to Hit Refresh

Spas are a very successful business model for a reason! Assess what will most effectively refresh your energy in this moment– a stroll,  a film,  a good dinner,  an early night to bed, a trip to Morocco. Then, make it happen. As soon as you feel refreshed, get back to it! That is the entire purpose of refreshing ourselves; so that we may continue on the journey. 

Truth #8: Food Can Be Fuel to Our Projects, or Fatal

Eating for brain power means consuming less than usual (about 60% fullness in our bellies). That feeling of still being a little hungry allows us to move faster and work harder. Exercise the practice of grazing when you’re in the zone or need an energy boost. Stay away from processed sugar and heavy, food-coma inducing items that will zap your momentum. You can eat for pleasure later and seriously enjoy it after you’re standing proudly next to your finished product. 

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