Office Drama? Top 5 Reasons Why It Has Something To Do With You

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Drama can be an all-consuming waste of time and energy, as if you didn’t already have enough on your plate to deal with.

Why do we allow ourselves to be drawn into petty and pointless power clashes? The answer lies in what you value and prioritize on a daily basis. The following 5 reasons why we engage in office dramas highlight the exact priorities necessary for a more fulfilling work environment.

1.  You’re not taking care of yourself. 

Self-care goes far beyond getting quality sleep and eating green veggies. Real self-care is about self-discovery, corralling important desires as they arise and spending some time unpacking them. It’s about asking yourself, “What do I want?” on a daily basis, and honing your attention towards it. When you cultivate full responsibility of your life, you don’t end up placing the blame of what’s missing on others.

2. You’re not growing your impact.

Knowing yourself means knowing your strengths and superpowers. When you’re really tapped into what value you bring to the table, you won’t waste a single second on anything that undermines that. People who know their specific impact on their community seek to amplify that impact. If you’re not investing in growing your impact, what are you investing in?

3. You don’t know what you’re here to do.

All of us have a message to get out in the world, even if it’s within our own company or family. That message is so important that you are willing to fight to get it out there. This fierce determination gives you serious perspective. When you know what you’re meaningful message and purpose are, you stop wasting your good fights on little things or small-minded people who only drain your energy from that grander mission.

4. You’re not confident of why people value you.

We think others want to be around us because of what’s in it for them- influence, money, ideas, etc. While these tangibles are absolutely useful and practical, they are not your most valuable offer. The truth is that people most appreciate your humanity: your genuine attention, your enthusiasm and your kindness. These are the most inspiring and uplifting experiences we can share together, and they go far beyond helping solve a problem or making a buck.

5. You feel trapped.

Any animal caught in a cage will lash out. If you’re feeling stuck or stagnant at work, you may be using drama as an outlet for your unused potential, instead of directing your actions on to unearthing what comes next.

When we lack the self-knowledge and self-worth necessary to develop our professional and personal lives, we are likely to look for something to fill that gap. The purpose of this article is that there is something worth applying yourself toward, something more rewarding and exciting than even the most entertaining office dramas can provide. . 

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