How I Designed My Soul-Satisfying Job in 5 Swift Steps

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Ok, so maybe it wasn’t quite that swift. It took a lot of groveling and suffering  and rolling around on the floor in absolute misery for me to finally find my way, and there’s at least one good reason why I went through all that pain: so you don’t have to! 

Each step came to me as a result of my deep meditation practice under the close guidance of a master mentor and spiritual teacher of mine. But you don’t have to be spiritual for the steps to work for you. It’s all very practical in fact. Let me explain.

Step 1: Discover your Star Strength

Each one of us has a very unique, priceless capacity and strength that only we carry inside ourselves. If you are actually lucky enough to find and allow this quality to lead your in life, you will experience meaning and fulfillment in all that you do- work, relationships, social life, etc. 

The problem is that it’s so individual that only you can get to the bottom of it. Nothing in the world will guide you to find it (apart from me and anyone else doing this exact work in the world, which I haven’t found yet). No personality test that boxes you in a broad category with thousands of others will ever nail down what is so absolutely brilliant and unique about you! Your Star Strength is what that song “This Little Light of Mine” was written after! The world wants you to hide it under a bushel (or however that song goes). 

My Star Strength is Defiant Devotion! Basically, I am one big NO to anything that is not deep, real love and this works so well for my students because I tell them like it is and help them shed all the limiting patterns, people and habits that are not in alignment with love with a quickness. If you want to learn what yours is, check out my 10-day bootcamp program designed to do just that here

Step 2: Witness Your Brilliant Impact

Once you’ve  pinpointed that beautiful Treasure Strength of your own (don’t worry- I can help you with that), you must practice shining your most powerful gift onto others and find out what it does to them! Your Brilliant Impact is like your greatest superpower, but it needs to be developed. If I said, “Hey, did you know you have x-ray vision?” it doesn’t mean that you would be able to wield it! You’ve got to build the muscle and doing the body-based mindfulness exercises I have developed to lift that weight do just that. 

My Brilliant Impact is that I give people the STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE, COURAGE and WILLPOWER to BE THEMSELVES in a world that wants them to be anything but- that wants you to be Beyonce or Steve Jobs, instead. Powerful stuff! Lights me up just thinking about it!

Step 3: Hone In On Your Meaningful Message

We have GOT TO UNPACK ALL THAT ANGER of yours. Listen, anger is a good thing, if you know how to use it. Anger shows you exactly what you want to protect in the world. Anger is solid gold in terms of discovering the work that you were meant for and that will keep you feeling alive, engaged and proud of yourself for a lifetime!

What makes me angriest is when I see people ignoring the lives of others for their own gain, whether it’s as small as pushing someone out of the way on public transportation or as tragic as Chevron dumping toxic chemicals in an entire indigenous  community in the Amazon. Not on my watch! All life is precious and valuable. What you want in your life matters, and THAT MATTERS MOST TO ME. 

Step 4: Claim Your Priceless Know-How

This is where having another set of experienced eyes comes in handy. It’s easy to overlook the tough lessons life has given you because they are now totally integrated into who you are. But guess what? That unexpected meeting that changed your life forever, that unforeseen breakup that redirected the course of your life, that big failure that was actually a HUGE blessing in disguise- all those experiences are gifts which thrust you into a new set of KNOW-HOW, skills that people would invest thousands of dollars to get their hands on, believe me. 

My Priceless Know-How came from a combination of 15 years of being a massage therapist and developing an insanely acute intuition and working with a spiritual master, learning thousand-year old techniques to transform your mind, emotions and therefore, your life! And now people hire me to specifically benefit and get big results from those exact skills of mine. 

Step 5: Branch Out Baby

Now comes the REALLY fun part! Now you get to brainstorm all the possible branches of your meaningful life’s work based on the above components and choose the top ones to focus on based on which sounds most exciting and practical to you!

Let me give you an example. With my superpower of giving people the power to be themselves and my mission of empowering and valuing the uniqueness of each individual life, I could be a college counselor to students trying to find their place in the world. I could also help professionals, business owners and leaders who are feeling unsatisfied at work to discover their next big move– which is what I’m doing now! There are a hundred more possibilities I have written down on my sheet that will absolutely satisfy my soul, and knowing I can pivot or ADD anytime in my life makes me feel so excited and set for life in my career. 

If you would also like experience that feeling of being set for life in the realm of soul-satisfying work, join me in Your Next BIG Move 10-day bootcamp here


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