Why You Should Avoid Personality Tests On Your Career Path

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Don’t get me wrong. Personality tests are FUN.

It’s fun to take a quiz that tells you what you’re good at, what you suck at, what Harry Potter character you are.

But that’s just it. I’m not going to run out and redefine myself, staking my happiness and life’s success on that fact that I scored ‘Hermione’ or ‘ESTJ’, even if I am a bit of a know-it-all. 

Personality tests are not useless. They can help us to understand SOME things about ourselves. But their ability to point us in the direction of lasting satisfaction and superior personal and professional development are very limited. They do not allow us to develop ourselves beyond the point of where everyone else is- the status quo. 

Who you are as father or sister, or manager, or violin player should not solely determine how you purposefully approach your life. These small pieces of the puzzle might help you to “get” why you believe or behave certain ways at this stage in the game. But do you really want to stop there? 

Here’s what you need to remember above all. Here’s what personality tests kill off in the very first season of the popular hit series, How I Met My Myers-Briggs Type.

Personality tests were designed to compare you to others.

But you are incomparable. You are a shining gem of individuality and unique value. 

You are alive. 

You are a breathing, growing, changing, feeling, experiencing, dynamic human being. You will not fit neatly into a folder labeled mother or brother or founder or runner. 

You are not “boxable”.

You will NEVER be happy comparing yourself to others.

You will never feel fulfilled chasing after a skill you excel at (along with thousands of others) that some company wants to pay you for so they can make millions off you while the most precious moments of your life are wasted on something you give zero f***s about. 

Why would you want to stifle your rich existence- your potent, creative powers and capacities – by slapping on a pre-made label created by someone else?

You know that won’t work for you. It doesn’t work for me. That’s why I’m here– to guide you to step into your Star Strength, the meaningful path of your individuality; to create your purposeful life’s work based on the unique gifts and impact you have on the world and what you are wired to care about and solve. 

When you reclaim and strengthen your individual Star Strength, impact, message and combine it with your talents and skill set, then and only then do you get to work and live your most meaningful life.  

This is the ultimate form of self-love, contribution, success.

Because nothing in the world can take it away. Not a crazy commute in traffic. Not a pissed off co-worker. Not hefty unexpected expenses. It’s yours to hang on tight to and share with whoever you choose.

Because you’ve claimed it. 

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