Why “More” Does Not Equal Growth: The Super Mario Solution

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When you see your sales numbers or your paycheck increase, you get a hit of satisfaction that is actually to your detriment. 

More does not equal growth.
True growth feels different, new, unusual. 

An analogy I often use with my coaching students is Super Mario Brothers. 

In life, most of us are looking for a gig that comes with higher responsibility and earning potential. In our personal lives, we may be looking to check some more countries off our list of most wanted travel destinations or new friends to play with. 

In the video game, these wishes are akin to wanting to score more points or grab more secret coins. It may be fun and exciting to know where those blocks of coins are hidden, it might make you feel special and in the know, but unbeknownst to you, you’re not getting to the next level if that’s all you’re focusing on. 

On the other hand, when you beat the level and move on, everything changes!

Things move faster, the music feels different, new creatures come out to try and stop you…it’s a brand new experience that you have to learn to navigate. It’s a new set of rules that must be experienced and digested. 

And this is exactly the same in life. 

When we’re really growing, the music changes.

We find ourselves in unfamiliar territory with a whole new game at stake. This is true growth. This is the meaning of your life. 

On a professional level, this means glimpsing your work from a new perspective, creating and offering new value and delivering it in innovative, new ways. 

For example, one of my students is an attorney for the city of San Francisco. Prior to working with me, she had designed and implemented crucial legislation for the protection of the disabled. The new law required that all local businesses be equipped with an access ramp wherever necessary, and in my opinion, she is a badass for making this happen!

Next, she tackled rights for the transgender community, creating legislation to give equal access to public restrooms.

To any of us, this second act may seem like real growth! It’s an amazing accomplishment and contribution to the citizens of the city.

However, it was simply more of the same. She used the same method to support another community in the same way. 

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying her choices did not offer tremendous value to the city, but as her coach, my attention is on her growth, happiness and fulfillment. So I must push her for even more.

And that’s what happened. After working with me, my student decided to truly up-level her professional growth game. 

She has since created a study abroad program for UCLA which empowers young people with an interest in research and development on the African continent with the funds to do so. 

She is still empowering and liberating those who have felt limited by their circumstance, but now she is doing it on a global scale, in a new setting, with a unique set of rules. 

And as a result, she has seen significant transformation in her relationships and emotional satisfaction, which is the sure-fire sign that real change and growth has occurred!

It’s impossible to separate and compartmentalize your professional and personal growth. When it’s really happening, you feel, see and taste the effects in all dimensions of your life.

And the taste of true growth is so SWEET! 

Don’t settle for more of the same.

BEAT THE LEVEL and experience what it feels like to truly grow in your professional life. 

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