Why Ruffling Feathers is Crucial to Finding Soul-Satisfying Work

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If you’re serious about creating work that you truly love that satisfies you in every way, you better get used to making people uncomfortable now! However, ruffling people’s proverbial feathers should not be seen as having a negative impact. Quite the contrary!

By discovering and following your unique meaningful work, what you were put here specifically to do, you are upsetting the balance of the status quo– what everyone else is doing.

It’s only natural that by becoming the brilliant person you were born to be and shining at full force on a daily basis would ruffle the feathers of those who are quite complacent and content to be stuck in a career rut. 

We need to think of ruffling feathers as being of service, modeling what’s possible and inspiring others who are ready to make the real change in their own lives! Because that’s exactly what you’re doing when you shine at levels that make people shake in their shoes!

Here is what you should expect if you decide to unearth your own genius and start creating a meaningful job that rocks your world like I have:

When you shine your unique genius out there (I call it your Star Strength), people will feel SOMETHING.

And feeling things makes people very uncomfortable

In the same way art of all kinds elicits strong emotions and reactions, your meaningful work is meant to do the same.

It is your art, your contribution to humanity. 

Have you ever been told you are “too much” before? Where and when did that happen?

For me it was always about my Defiant Enthusiasm (my Star Strength). People would tell me to calm down and stop being so worked up. 

We have to be willing to make people feel something in order to make our greatest impact and experience the kind of work that lifts our hearts and minds daily.

Many of your friends, family members and co-workers will not want you to change. 

When someone knows you well and you start to challenge their ideas and relationship to you by changing, it can make them feel unstable or insecure, like they’re losing you. 

The truth is, by leaping into your meaningful work, they are gaining even MORE of YOU, the real you, the juiciest, most powerful parts!

Even if they can’t understand this right away, we have to keep going!

We have to continue to develop and pursue what matters most and lights us up so that we can love the people in our lives even more. This is exactly what discovering the unique work you were designed for will do for you!

Your happiness will make people jealous.

WARNING: When you take your life by the horns and give it all you got– by discovering the unique value you were born to give– you will feel fulfilled. You will feel happy beyond belief. You will feel like you’re wildest dreams are coming true! (I do everyday). 

If you dare to share your life with the world via Facebook or social events, people who are feeling stuck and bored in their job will often experience envy toward you. 

Who wouldn’t? Envy is a natural response to seeing someone have what we want. And who doesn’t want to feel wildly happy and fulfilled at work and in life?!

Sometimes it will be obvious on their faces or in their comments, and other times, you will never know for sure. 

But envy is a huge gift for those who know how to ride the wave. It exists strictly to push us and motivate us to work harder and to grow stronger!


The reason most of us are so unfulfilled at work and feeling like we’re just going through the motions is because we have not been allowed and encouraged to shine the best of what we were given! We have been told to turn off the lights because it upsets people.

Fulfillment in your profession requires a high-level of clarity about your unique purpose, problem you solve and impact you make on others so that you can amplify, strengthen and focus on it daily. 

You’re missing something at work because you’re missing you.

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