One Professional Asset You’re Definitely Missing Out On

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If you’re always looking for ways to up your professional game or if you’re stuck on knowing your next step, gather ’round. I’ve used this single tool to help my students claim soul-satisfying work and take their impact and contribution to the next level, and you can too. 

I call this invaluable tool your Star Strength, and like your very own North Star, it guides you to glory along every step of your professional and life path. 

Your Star Strength ensures your highest contribution and defines exactly what your unique impact is. 

One of my student’s Star Strength is Love’s Defense. As an attorney, she has put her strength to use over decades, but more recently she has found a way to spread her reach and impact further by creating a research and study abroad program in conjunction with UCLA. Her impact is to liberate and empower people with support they deserve, and she has now done this for the young people desiring to join her program. 

Your Star Strength magnetizes the right people and financial opportunities in line with your happy work. 

After working with me for less than a month, having gone through Your Next Big Move bootcamp, two new students of mine have recently been recruited into positions which are supporting their meaningful work. In both cases, the recruiter reached out unexpectedly, without any application or inquiry. These good surprises happen frequently when you discover your unique Star Strength and let it lead you. 

Your Star Strength provides a clear map of what steps to take next. 

When we’re certain that our job is no longer working for us, but we’re not sure of what comes next, your Star Strength lights the way. One massage therapist student of mine, whose impact is to remind her clients that they can choose to feel good, has recently unearthed a calling and pull to deliver her gifts by founding a community center. When she came to me, she had no idea what was on deck. 

Your Star Strength provides your Meaningful Work Blueprint (the 6 components that will guide you step-by-step on your career path for life). 

Your Meaningful Work Blueprint includes your Star Strength (your zone of no competition, what you excel at that no one can compare to), your Brilliant Impact, your Meaningful Message to the world, the problem you solve, the solution you specifically bring and your ultimate purpose in life. This blueprint is created on Day 8 of Your Next Big Move 10-day bootcamp. 

Your Star Strength is the antidote to not-enoughness, professionally and personally. 

One student came to me in the hopes of making his wife happier by becoming more productive. She was commonly overwhelmed and overworked from a high-stress job, and he felt like he wasn’t supportive enough. Through discovering his Star Strength of Uninhibited Joy, he found his genius of helping people take care of themselves delivered a confidence and excitement that touched his relationship on the profound level he had hoped for.

Your Star Strength is the solution to over-thinking your projects, plans and dreams. 

Living life from inside our heads is a very limited way of existing, indeed. One of my students had no idea how she would proceed after the therapeutic arts center she founded had lost it’s pizzazz and meaning for her. By working with her Star Strength, she has embarked on a journey of nourishing her own soul, making new connections and seizing leadership opportunities which have opened up a world of possibilities for her future. 

Ready to pinpoint your Star Strength? Curious about working together? There are a few ways that I can get you powerfully moving forward today (check out our services here). I only reserve a few spaces for 1-1 students at any given time. Right now, I’m currently booked up, but I will be opening a space on Jan. 2nd, 2017! Email me at nicole@livingpolished for more info.