7 Roadblocks To Soul-Satisfying Work (+ How To Smoothly Ditch Em For Good)

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If you want to fall in love with what you get paid to do, you better KNOW how to fall in love with yourself first (and life itself, for that matter)!

Love is an experience we FEED and GROW and STRENGTHEN.

When your love is built up, it spreads and touches EVERY LITTLE NOOK AND CRANNY of your life until you can’t believe your lucky stars that _____ is happening to you!

I actually feel this level of excitement and love EVERY DAY. How’s that for powerful?!

And if I can, you most definitely can.

This happens just like working out builds up your muscles and physical strength. Suddenly, you’re not just feeling fitter, but you have more energy to take on more projects, you feel more confident in your skin and relationships and you have more bandwidth to focus on what comes next in life, rather than wasting your energy mentally-spinning about how you *should be* working out. 


1. Emotional Survival Mode:

Not so long ago, if someone said the wrong thing or looked at me the wrong way, my negative thinking would get activated and I couldn’t concentrate properly all day.

Let’s just say I was CONSTANTLY in emotional survival mode. There was always something I was obsessing or stressing about.

And when you have no emotional or mental space to do anything other than freak out, you can kiss focusing on what and who you love good-bye.

No one will be able to feel your love because you can’t.

Having emotional strength rocks because you can swiftly wrangle any feeling that’s arising and focus it to help you accomplish what you want in any given moment!

If you want to cultivate emotional strength, you’ve got to be willing to FEEL your feelings…all of them! 

Is there something you’re hoping not to feel today? What experience are you trying to get away from?

There is one golden question that has saved me from thousands of things I don’t want to feel: Where is there something good happening within this experience? (And actually feel that good feeling in your body!)

Could the negative feeling be teaching you something important about yourself? Could it be forcing you to focus on what matters most? There is ALWAYS a *platinum lining there.

2. Bland (Or Zero) Sense of Purpose:

“I want to help people and make the world a better place.”
Sound familiar?

I’m sorry to be the one tell you, but this will NEVER cut it for the long haul for you, and it didn’t for me.

VERY SPECIFICALLY, I am here to help people who have had an experience of love or passion in their life so strong that they won’t settle for anything less in their work when they know that love, creativity and calling like that exists in the world.


There is a very specific group of exercises that I have developed to help individuals like you get to the core and root of what their unique genius, impact, message and purpose is in the world. This is NOT a personality test. Your genius DOES NOT fit into a neat, confining box. 

Let’s get you your big why: livingpolished.com/yournextbigmove

3. Other External-Types of Survival Mode:

Health issues, dramatic relationships, money scarcity, bad living or working environment…all mega-killers to doing what you love.

I’ve had them all, believe me. All of the above AND all at once!

And I have very carefully wrangled my way up and out of that mess. And I’ve helped my students to do the same in WAY less time, without struggling.

Make a list of all the things in your life that are currently stopping you from doing what you want to do. (Hey, they may even be stopping you from KNOWING what you want in the first place!)

Look within the 5 areas of well-being that I focus on with my students: physical well-being, emotional/mental well-being, meaning or sense of purpose, relationships and material (includes home and money). 

Take a good hard look and list out where exactly you’re being stopped. Then get on my calendar for a free chat about how we can turn survival mode into unstoppable: calendly.com/livingpolished

4. Giving Away Your Power to Others Who Want You To Do It the “Right” Way:

When I was trying to figure out my next professional moves after deciding against medical school, EVERYONE practically begged me not to become a coach.

“Go to graduate school!” or “Keep doing massage! You’re so gifted!”, is all I heard from friends, family, community leaders, society.

And I’m forever grateful that I tuned in and trusted myself above those voices.

This is the one of the most common things I see stopping my students from fully-rocking their unique heart-and-soul work.

They push and pull with the opinions of the authorities in their field, comparing themselves to what top thinkers value, rather than really valuing themselves for their genius gifts that no one else can compete with! (The biggest obstacle I see with this is NOT KNOWING what makes you *uniquely* shine in the first place!)

Escape your usual environment. Get away from the people and places that want to mold you into a certain shape. Fight for the freedom necessary to tap into what destiny awaits you and will genuinely make you happy. The further you go the better. Think unplugged, overseas for 3 weeks. But if you can’t swing that, the best alternative is to get into nature with a plan of action to focus on getting you high-level clarity. 

Check out Your Next Big Move for a 10-day bootcamp you can take with you to the mountains. Emerge from your getaway with your genius, impact, message, purpose and problem you were born to solve all ready to leap into action!

5. A Real Bad Case of “The Shoulds”:

I should go back to school. 
I should ask so and so what they think. 
I should do something that people will respect more. 
I should do something that my parents will be more proud of. 
I should do my laundry first.
I should…

All things that *used* to cross my mind frequently in the last 10 years.
Newsflash! This is just a repeat of #4.

Your SHOULDS are so deeply ingrained in you by what others think that you now believe they matter most of all!

But these shoulds are not yours, my dear. They belong to everyone else who desperately wants you to do it the way they did so they can justify letting go of their big dream.

Repeat after me: THAT’S NOT FOR ME.

Take an inventory of the people you interact with on a monthly basis (for fun, at work, neighbors, acquaintances)! Categorize every relationship as A, B or C for you (see descriptions below).

Categorize “A-People” as those who are not always easy to be around. They are inspiring and confronting you to be a bigger person. And after seeing them, you feel quite frankly like you’ve grown. A-People push you to be better, work harder, show up stronger. You want to spend as much time as possible with your A people if you’re serious about rocking out work that uplifts you and excites you on the daily.

Categorize “B-People” as those who are usually pretty easy and comforting to be with (think movie and wine friends). They don’t really help you grow. They might listen to your problems and give you support, but they never really challenge you beyond your comfort zone. Don’t change the amount of time you’re spending with B people. Simply, let these relationships be.

Categorize “C-People” as those who challenge you in a way that feels unhelpful. These people drain you of your precious, hard-earned energy. You feel like you can’t get away from them fast enough. Eliminate the time you spend with C People as much as possible. Sometimes, these people are inevitable. In this case, there are certain precautions you can take to protect your well-being and energy levels, which we can talk about. Drop me a line to nicole@livingpolished.com to work on protecting yourself from your unavoidable C People. 

6. You’re Surrounded By People Who Don’t Love Their Work and Life:

Chances are that most of your co-workers, friends and family all have settled for a job that just pays the bills, something they’re pretty darn good at or even something that helps people but doesn’t light them up. Because the majority of people operate this way, you may not find the support you need around you to create work that makes your heart sing!

We all need the right mentors and guides.

If it wasn’t for my 3 incredible teachers (count ’em…3!), I’m almost certain I would not be where I am right now- DEEPLY IN LOVE with my purpose work in the world and FREE (out of survival mode) TO FULL-HEARTEDLY PURSUE AND ENJOY IT.

I would never get to have the experience of straight up BLISSING OUT ever day at the life I’ve created for myself – the genuine, beautiful people, the soul-exciting and meaningful work, the passionate social life and adventures, all with zero obligation (because they’re all things I desire).

Download my *sweet and nifty* 10-step infographic guide to ditching meaningless work and creating work you love right here.

Right away, STEP #1, straight out of the gate, you’ll notice is  “Get a Teacher”. In the guide, score a fabulous yes-no-diagram on how to know without a doubt if this teacher you have in mind is going to do the trick or not!

 Get it free here!

7. Wasting Precious Time On Anything But Love:

In case you don’t know, massage therapy is really intense work! If anyone worked 40 hours a week on massage, they’d likely have very little juice left to have a life! Because of this, I used to have a TON of free time to myself.

However, when you’re in emotional survival mode and taking care of others like that, most of that time is spent on just trying to stay afloat in your self-care – read: laying on the floor daydreaming, netflixing or creative endeavors.

It wasn’t until I actively started committing to spending time on my passion (dance) that I noticed the amount of energy I had to work on developing my purpose and coaching practice soared!


If you’re serious about transforming your work into an experience of BEING IN LOVE, this simple prioritizing of your time must be done!

Start your day by setting a 2-minute timer on your phone and visualizing how, when and where in your day you will pour your energy into what you love. Feel the excitement, the determination, the bliss and the beauty that goes into making that happen. Then when the timer goes off, do THAT first!

Like what I’m putting out there? Let’s have a chat. Pick my brain and get me all to yourself, here.