2 Powerful Steps to Start Creating Your Dream Work Scenario Now

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I remember when I was obsessed with getting away from my role as a massage therapist (as fast as I possible could). All I could think was “If I only knew what to do next, then I could drop this soul-sucking job like it’s hot”.  

Of course, it makes sense. If you don’t know what step comes next, then you’ll feel stuck where you are, forever.

What I DIDN’T KNOW is that it was actually an INSIDE-OUT job; that knowing the next step would only come when I was rock-solid certain on what my heart and soul were set on creating (and hard-wired to do). 

So I’m betting that you’re probably focused outwardly, too. But I’m here to tell you, if you want work that you’re over the moon excited about, and if you want to finally release that role that sucks you dry for good, STOP worrying about what you should do next and START focusing on what fuels your heart. 

It’s about discovering what and who you love. 

I know you think you already know. But I’m here to tell you that if you were fully privy to the majesty that is your creative genius and capacity (like I am – hey it’s a natural gift of mine), then you would ALREADY be owning that next step like a champion. 

There’s a drastic difference between knowing what you like and what people tell you you’re good at and actually understanding the FUEL that lights your heart on fire, gives you infinite energy and magnetizes you to the most amazing people on a daily basis. 

OH YEAH. It is THAT juicy. 

Choosing your life’s work based on what you like and what others tell you you’re good at is something like only cooking that family recipe of apple pie for the rest of your life, the one you love so much that always gets you compliments every time you bring it to a party.

Discovering your life’s meaningful work by understanding your heart and genius is more like realizing that you’re actually IN LOVE with apples, and freeing yourself to create, test and share any dish that highlights the beauty and delicate taste of the apple with the world – spiced cider, apple-cheddar paninis, apple french toast, cous-cous salad with apple and feta, pumpkin-apple-ginger soup…you get the picture!

Let’s jump in!

#1 Discover your Meaningful Message

Ok, so maybe you’re not in love with apples. Maybe it’s authentic leadership or standing up for love in the face of those with power. (Those are some real-life examples from my brilliant, beautiful students!)

While I dive more deeply into crystal clear, pin-pointed accuracy of your unique genius, message and purpose in Your Next Big Move 10-day Bootcamp, you can start with the following question to get a serious glimpse of your limitless fuel source for creating meaningful work you love: 

When you think of what angers you most frequently (in the world or when it happens to you), what is the message in that moment which your heart most wants to deliver?

Some troubleshooting tips here: it’s not a negative message of anger or fear.
If the answer you’re getting is something to the effect of “I’m not safe” or “I’m not OK”, then you’ve got to dive deeper underneath this reaction for a hint of your real meaningful message. 

You were abso-freaking-lutely put here to deliver a larger than life message to humanity. 

And when you know exactly what this is, it will enhance EVERYTHING – your work, your relationships, your art, your finances…

#2 Shout It Daily + Never Stop!

Once you’ve honed in on what your beautiful message is to the world, there’s only one thing left to do…TELL EVERYONE, of course!

This is where the phenomenal magic comes in!

The more you share your message in as many forms as possible – casual conversations, Facebook posts, creative projects – the more alive and energized you feel, the more one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable people start to show up, the more you feel like you are squeezing all your capacities out to be of use for others!

Rather than getting caught up in the uncertainty of “how the hell am I actually going to make this happen”, just know right now that this is HOW.

KNOWING and SHARING your unique message:

This is how you revitalize yourself endlessly at work!
This is how you let the people you need (who need you too) know that you exist and where to find you!
This is how you deeply satisfy that human craving to give all that you’ve got to what matters most to you. 

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