GO BUCK WILD: One Unexpected Mindset to Propel You Towards Your Meaningful Work

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We spend so much time complaining about what we don’t want that we allow the most exciting opportunity to create work we love slip through our fingers every day!

For just one minute, close your eyes and ask yourself the following question:

What would be so freaking fun for me to do at work TODAY (not in 5 years, not after you go back to school, but exactly where you are right now) that it would make me scream like ______?

Fill in the blank with something that sounds AMAZING to you.
Let’s say mine would be, “make me scream like a little girl eating Pop Rocks for the first time”.

The KEY here is to ask the question with a sense of wonder, curiosity and space – as in “Hmmm, I wonder what would be most exhilarating today…” versus “I’ve got to come up with something right now, dammit!”

Some possibilities that might EXHILARATE you: 

  • Get creative and draw up a new logo or image to use on professional materials or social media.
  • Have a thrilling conversation with one of your favorite colleagues on something you LOVE to geek out on. 
  • Put some major tunes on and dance around your office barefoot. 
  • Finally schedule a meeting with that person who’s going to help you take your professional goals to the next level, baby! (Could that be me? Schedule here.)
  • Step up and pitch that big-outside-the-box idea you have (or spend 10 minutes planning that pitch!)
  • Close your eyes and vividly envision the dream position you’re pining after for 5 minutes. (Yes, that’s a legal move, but don’t tell your boss!)
  • Rent a Barney costume and deliver Pop Rocks to everyone on your team. (Wait, am I the only one interested in Pop Rocks?)

Got yours?
So are you ready for my most illuminating tip on being exhilarated??

Following your exhilaration is actually the fastest way to accomplish what matters to you in the world.

That’s right! What you’re hardwired to be excited by is the quickest way to personal and professional fulfillment.

SO WHY NOT START by following the trail of breadcrumbs now? Duh!

Let’s be crystal clear, exhilaration is not:
It’s freaking exhilaration!!!!!

That is the experience I had today in my Unstoppable Weekly Mastermind.

Today, I was overwhelmed with how many different ways, exercises and tools I had to share with this group of unbelievable powerhouses. But instead of rationalizing away the best option, I just followed my exhilaration. And by the end, every single person on the video call was LIT UP and singing their own tune of exhilaration, ready to lunge at their week ahead and make shit happen!

It’s one thing to have a concept of what’s exciting and fun to you, but what we’re looking for  is the experience of that in your body. You want to feel each cell in your body alive and pulsing because you’re so ecstatic with what you’re doing!

So choose what will exhilarate your socks off today. Stop and feel the impact of doing that thing on your body (on a physical sensation level). And don’t settle for less, baby. 

Where do you think this blog post came from?! Do you think I would be able to get as many people excited in exploring doing what they love (my heart and soul mission) by writing yet another stiff article on professional development and work-life balance? 

Hell no. 

So what is going to usher in this level of exhilaration for YOU today?

Get at it. 

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