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Watch How I Transform Hitler’s Hate into Bliss in 5 Simple Steps

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Did you hear about what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia? It's so frustrating to feel hopeless, stuck and like there's nothing you can do to help besides share articles or rants on Facebook. Here's a unique solution, one that includes a retroactive healing of the legacy of the Holocaust! 

One Professional Asset You’re Definitely Missing Out On

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If you're always looking for ways to up your professional game or if you're stuck on knowing your next step, gather 'round. I've used this single tool to help my students claim soul-satisfying work and take their impact and contribution to the next level, and you can too. 

Why Ruffling Feathers is Crucial to Finding Soul-Satisfying Work

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If you're serious about creating work that you truly love that satisfies you in every way, you better get used to making people uncomfortable now! However, ruffling people's proverbial feathers should not be seen as having a negative impact. Quite the contrary!