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My Secret Doubts About Being a Life Coach

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I once doubted whether to continue in this field as a personal development coach, offering something that it seemed no one wanted. Here's how I channeled my doubts into new found clarity for my life (and more importantly, how you can do the same). 

Only This One Thing Will Build Unshakable Self-Confidence

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We all want to ooze the strength, dignity and powerful presence that comes with rock-solid self-confidence. The self-improvement industry makes $10 billion a year in the US alone, but inspirational books and self-help articles won't do it.

How to Become Who You Wish in 5 Dazzling Moves

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All it takes is 5 simple, beautiful moves. Though, you know what they say- simple, but not easy. If you can follow these 5 steps for an hour, you will be exactly who you want to be...for exactly one hour. If you want to wake up everyday, and live and breathe as this person,