I awoke and could feel the fear of waking up this morning. I was going to do my usual check out stuff, like reading the news and sports sites, but instead I listened to the sound clip from our work and recited my mantra for only a minute. I then got up and ended up working for 5 hours straight. I didn’t even drink coffee and it felt like I was running on caffeine.

— Michael Mojica, Owner at

As I navigate through a wonderful and challenging new career, I struggle with the same anxiety and fear patterns that have plagued me my entire adult life. I am committed to changing these thought/feeling patterns, and Nicole has provided me with insights and tools to do just that. I use her teachings on a daily basis, and they are truly helping me stay sane, and grow. Nicole has a gift for drilling into the essence of YOU, and helps reveal what is important to you at the deepest levels. She is a powerhouse of intuition, experience, and skills/tools to guide you in building yourself back up to that spring of inspiration and potential that you were when you were born, and/or at various moments in your life that you now might be longing for. People, it’s still there, and she can help you get that groove back, as long as you’re willing to put the work into your precious self.

— Rebecca Ulysses, University Design Professor

Put simply, working with Nicole has changed my life. In just a few months I went from feeling lost, both personally and professionally, to learning to see and appreciate myself in a whole new light. Through a combination of one on one coaching, mindfulness techniques and ‘homework’ assignments that really got me to dig down deep, Nicole taught me how to focus on living a more gratifying and meaningful life. More importantly, she helped me to articulate what a gratifying and meaningful life looks like to me. The process of getting more in touch with myself on a personal level has also helped me to find a new path in my career at a time when I was feeling burnt out and bored in my profession. If you are struggling personally or professionally, or both, I cannot recommend working with Nicole highly enough. If you are ready to do the work you are guaranteed to see stunning and rapid results!

— Andrea Rappaport, Owner at Bijou Catering

I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to engage in growth and discovery in their lives. Nicole has a wealth of experience and expertise in mental health and healing and leads her sessions with infectious enthusiasm and passion. She uses a holistic approach and helps individuals build stability and strength in 5 pillars of well-being. She also uses a large variety of exercises like affirmations, dyad exercises, free writing, drawing and dance movements to help professionals connect to their team and the world by tapping into their individual strengths.

— Su Iyer, Software Engineer at Google

Unstoppable mastermind took me from feeling stuck in my career and hopeless to make the changes I craved, to now feeling confident in pursuing the opportunity I want! Every woman in this exceptional group learned to love themselves more deeply, and thus bring more love into the world!

— Kris Warren, Therapist

What you get from Nicole’s 90-day mastermind is precisely what is missing from other programs—-your PURPOSE and what makes you uniquely different!! Stop running in circles, feeling like something is missing on your professional journey, no matter what you do. Discover confidence, clarity and tools for results with this mastermind!

— Erin Browder, Educator + Facilitator at Johns Hopkins University

As a scientist and educator working in a top-ranked cancer center in the country, I believe that people like Nicole Casanova are highly needed for our society to become a better place for everyone. I have known her for over almost a decade, and I have worked with her in the past at multiple levels. Nicole has committed to a mission of bringing the human side into the tech world. I have first-hand experience of the care and inspiration for change that she provides through her work.

— Carlos Lopez, Professor, Vanderbilt School of Medicine

Nicole focuses on rewiring your fight or flight reactions to a positive physical and emotional response that you can make more expansive decisions from, and she is incredibly energetically gifted.

— Marisol MacGregor, Curator at Culture Lab X + Humanizing Workplace Facilitator

The weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. Nicole is wise beyond her years. After her first workshop for my staff, my mind was blown and I immediately knew that she was onto something BIG. From all our coaching work, one of the biggest impacts was on my marriage (my husband is also on the team). Working with Nicole has really brought us closer together. For the first time in my life, I feel I can go out without any make-up! I feel confident and shining from within. Nicole, I truly wish that you and your work just blow up because the world needs you.

— Johnnia Davis, Executive Director, Serenity House

Working with Nicole has really catapulted my growth and sense of direction….a love-infused personal and professional growth experience in which the only danger is not dreaming big enough!

— Jacqueline Steenhuis, Founder + Coach at Transforming Shape

I would highly recommend Nicole for personal and business services, her tools are unique and valuable! Nicole listened to what we wanted, and then guided us through solidifying our mission and values remotely, as well as how to actively model and encourage those in others. The transformation was so true and deep, that it affected us on a personal level too! We’re now three months into our program, and we are already seeing the benefits in our staff and ourselves. We have more trust, cohesiveness, and open communication. Personally, I find myself happier, more fulfilled, and feel more confident in my personal strength.

— Maggie Murphy, Director at Wax That

Nicole patiently focuses my attention on what I need to work on at the moment in order to grow and be strong, resilient, and happy. And she does this in a such a kind, gentle and non-judgmental way. I have learned so much about myself and become so centered since I started working with her.

— Judith Boyajian, Attorney, City of San Francisco

Highly recommend seeing her if you are needing expansion or a breakthrough in your personal and professional life. Working with Nicole has been an incredible perspective shifting and life path affirming experience. She is skilled at clarifying any confusing emotions and ensuring that the real message comes through. Her genuine positivity and care throughout the coaching is so powerful and exceptionally motivating!

— Janet DeHart, Owner at DeHart Studios

Nicole’s leadership and nurturing created a safe and loving environment that allowed for space, time, expression and exploration. Her intuition and ability to lead you through the physical state of your body and emotional state of your mind, is unmatched. I walked in imbalanced by life and walked out feeling whole again. Thank you Nicole for always helping me expand beyond myself.

— Jackie Garrido, Onboarding Program Manager at Facebook

Nicole has great insight and fun, positive energy, and was able to design a training program for my company and producers that helped them reflect and grow in all areas of their lives. I highly recommend Nicole for any company or organization that wants to make a special impact on your employees or members.

— Christopher Branson, Regional Sales Coordinator at Aflac

Nicole has the uncanny talent of translating what she feels intuitively into clear and meaningful language and invaluable counsel.

— Gianna King, Photographer and Gallery Owner

I feel lighter, happier and more at peace. Everyone can benefit from the kind of cleansing Nicole provides. Now I feel that I can enjoy the experience and joys of life more fully than ever before. All is well in my world. Thank you!

— Jennifer Lugris, Fine Artist

Each of the exercises were really helpful for me to clearly see patterns in myself. For this same reason, each exercise that involved engaging with another person was particularly challenging for me, but once I engaged, I found each experience to be very rewarding. I’m glad there was time built in for concrete practices to take home.

— Elida Margarita Bautista, Director of Clinical Training at UCSF

Nicole led a session at Facebook called “Five Foundations of Stress Hacking”. The session provided participants with engaging and practical tools to cultivate self-awareness, emotional intelligence and wellness. Nicole’s energy was great and she created an environment of openness that gave participants a forum to be open and honest. We look forward to future sessions with Nicole.

— Jackie Garrido, Onboarding Program Manager at Facebook

I benefited from Nicole’s 2 classes of her Stress-Hacking workshop at my company Macys. She covered 5 dimensions of well-being and the 3 modes that one is in and laid the foundation very well. She gave invaluable tips like the cleansing fast (for physical) and several tips related to spiritual and relationships that were more useful to me. Also, she involved the group to participate and discuss / share experiences, priorities, etc. The entire group benefited. I recommend Nicole as a capable personal development coach.

— Dev Mhaiskar, Senior Quality Engineer at

An appointment with Nicole starts with identifying goals and challenges, which she addresses with great insight and effective exercises. She’s been equally helpful in issues of posture and muscle pain, as well as relationships and life planning. A wonderful mind-body combination– delivered by a caring and effective coach!

— Nadya Direkova, Designer

What is unique about Nicole is that she takes what’s happening in your life and gives it meaning and positive, actionable direction, propelling you toward growth and happiness.

— Sheena Vega, Executive at Gap

If you are a professional looking to develop and grow into an incredible leader (at work and at home), I highly recommend hiring Nicole! I have had the pleasure to work with Nicole and was blown away with her strategic and goal-oriented vision to help professionals develop into better leaders. Nicole has a way of showing you that even when your life is all tangled, there is a way to step back, make a meaningful plan and move forward.

— Amanda Argue, Business Owner

What impressed me most was the range of activities used. The work engaged so many parts of myself – the creative mind, the analytical mind, the physical body, the breath. Overall, the workshop was fun and exciting while bringing me into a state of deep presence at the same time.

— Adam Kaufman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I knew my coaching session with you was going to be good, but I did not know what to expect. I am in awe of how deep we went so quickly and how adept you are at what you do.

— Robin Taylor, Medical Professional

I strongly recommend Nicole; she is kind and truly passionate about her work. She will guide you to lead a balanced and fulfilling life by using various exercises and techniques. With Nicole’s nurturing and non-judgmental guidance you will become fully aware and present in your life. As you begin to understand your unique qualities and discover your passion, she inspires your growth and springs you to your next level of discovery.

— Monica Duque, Principal at Duque Design Group

The first thing you notice during a session with Nicole is her intensity and absolute commitment to you.

— Michael Amici, Photographer

The exercises we did were super playful and fun. I want to do more of them! The whole thing was amazing, really- everything really encouraged an opening of the heart and thinking and interpreting in new ways!

— Julie Hauldren, Senior Engagement Manager

Nicole’s strength lies in her ability to skillfully illuminate and integrate both the physical and non-physical aspects of your body, while remaining attentive to your unique needs and comforts.

— Raquel de Anda, Curator and Cultural Producer

Nicole has a beautiful and sublime gift of healing touch that penetrates the physical body to the most subtle longings of the soul. After a session with Nicole, I not only feel relaxed, I feel motivated.

— Bianca Ana Chavez, Fine Artist

Nicole came in to Facebook to give a seminar on stress management and it was really helpful. She had activities lined up and various mental exercises that she taught to the group. Her training and expertise were evident and I'm really glad that I was able to attend!

— Alex Wu, Content and Social Media Specialist at Facebook

Uplifting, raw, creative, expressive and challenging to the brain. I enjoyed and loved all of the workshop exercises! Thank you Nicole. You’re amazing at what you do!

— Destiny Filmore, Fashion Model

Nicole helped my body release deep stress and pain that was causing me to loose energy and presence. With my energy revitalized, I rediscovered a clarity and ease that was missing.

— James Reed, Fine Artist

Nicole has a gift. My connection with her has been powerfully insightful and supportive in exploring the multi-dimensional causes of tension in my body.

— Kristina L. Welzein, Co-founder at HealVibe